Here I am . . .

Oh, the wonders of modern technology! My lecture at the SOF Conference in October was one of those filmed by the conference team and put online on youtube.  If you’re interested in hearing me speak what I posted in text a few days ago, check it out when you get a free half hour. Those given by other authorship scholars are also available. Maybe this is how we’ll find our way past the barriers created by the Academy to reach an open-minded community of Shakespeare lovers.

One thought on “Here I am . . .

  1. As always, Stephanie, your presentation gets to the heart of the matter you bring to our attention. Those rotten boroughs in the history departments, whose scholars eschew all normal professional standards as long as they can kowtow to the upward-striving miracle man of Stratford and stay in the good graces (for what other reason could there be?) of the, dare I say it, politic worms in the English departments…

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