WSJ says the Supremes lining up for de Vere

No, not those Supremes, the US Supreme Court supremes!

According to an article by Jess Bravin in today’s Wall Street Journal, it seems the balance of opinion may be tipping in Oxford’s favor, at least in the august chambers of the US Supreme Court.  This of course is due to Justice John Paul Stevens, who was won over to Oxford in 1987 after debating the issue in a moot court trial with two other members of the Court, William Brennan and Harry Blackmun.  Although at the time the three acquitted Will-i-am-not of feloniously claiming authorship, Stevens and Blackmun got interested enough to pursue the matter further.  As Bravin reports:

In a visit to Shakindent-43espeare’s birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon, Justice Stevens observed that the purported playwright left no books, nor letters or other records of a literary presence.  “Where are the books? You can’t be a scholar of that depth and not have any books in your home . . . .  He never had any correspondence with his contemporaries, he never was shown to be present at any major event––the coronation of James or any of that stuff. I think the evidence that he was not the author is beyond a reasonable doubt.

We’ve know this about Stevens for a long time.  What’s news is that it appears that he’s managed to convince several of his fellow justices, at least that William must remain under suspicion.  The upshot?  Antonin Scalia is now openly for Oxford; Kennedy and Breyer are still for Stratford; Roberts, Alito, Ginsburg, and Thomas have “no comment”; while, according to Stevens, Sandra Day O’Connor is now certain William’s not the author.”

Now on to the House of Lords.

Check out the full WSJ article: “Justice Stevens on Who Wrote Shakespeare.”
Thanks to Matt Cossolotto for passing this along.

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